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Baptist Health (Florida)
Radiologic Technologist was asked...15 August 2015

Do you have reliable transportation? Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

6 Answers

I want to keep growing professionally and been involved in the medical field. Sure I'll be getting a modality in less than 5 years. Less



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Would you be willing to relocate?

2 Answers



RWJBarnabas Health

Can you handle difficult people?

2 Answers


I've been working as a nurse at the beth for 1.5 year...we dint pay for the parking garage where all the employee park...also last August (2015)there was 2%rise for all the full time employees Less

LifeShare of Oklahoma

What do you think working extra to take care others?

1 Answers

Do you have any concerns about taking 24hrs call?


Expected salary? Challenges faced in a previous job? what do you know about design pattern?

2 Answers

20000 EGP, low salary, Design pattern is ageneral repeatable solution to a commonly repeated problems Less

Design pattern is a repeatable solution to a commonly repeated problem


Explain in detail how streaming technologies like BBC iplayer works

2 Answers

Sorry, typo. If you wanna actually get stuff done then reply to this message and I'll reply with contact details, ps I work for them Less

Hey! I've been for through this exact same process and came away feeling deflated and useless. Those guys are very much from a closed minded academic point of view and seem to shun those who come from a more grass roots passionate background. I found the head of the department to be very condescending. Hey, if you wanna do some Less

Gemological Institute of America

Not really a standard interview very dialog driven.

2 Answers

Know what you are talking about or you're in trouble.

Hi are there two rounds or three rounds of interviews? I heard the last round was to grade a diamond, but I wonder what the last round would look like since this position did not require GIA certificate. Less

Duke Health Technology Solutions

What can you do to promote teamwork?

2 Answers

If it is anything like the places that I have worked, lack of teamwork stems from the lack of management to treat the employees the same way making the employees bitter and unhappy. What usually needs to happen is a sit down with all supervisors and say we are starting over as of now. Let's face it, you have baby boomers that have been in the laboratory forever mixed in with younger people who can do the work at double the speed and they know it. The baby boomers are used to taking their time and working at their own pace and aren't very motivated to learn all of the new technology let alone how to do the maint., so they are more than willing to sit back and play dumb when it comes to these things. Not all of them, but it only takes a couple in each department to cause chaos. Everyone needs to be treated the same. Those new people know that the older people are making more money and find the whole thing to be unfair, and there are always the pot stirrers there to make ever worse. Someone has got to put there foot down and say that everyone will be treated the same and that things such as maintenance will be done by taking turns or by however you decide. You also cannot have people running into the supervisor or managers office tattling on each other, that cannot be tolerated. You are not running a daycare, this is a business. Basically, they have been allowed to act like children with their complaining and whining about shifts and each other and they need to know that this will no longer be tolerated. They need to know that you do care about them but they need to act like a team because they spend more time with each other than they do their own family and arguing with each other is pointless and doesn't get anything resolved. During the meeting ask them one by one if there is anything they would like to say, no matter how difficult it might be, it's their chance to speak out. Less

I gave several examples of how I would promote teamwork.

Clinical Pathology Laboratories

they would ask about your working experience

2 Answers

I had my internship at a hospital in the Philippines after i got my license i started working as soon as possible as jr medtech after a year i got promoted as chief medical technologist at a clinical laboratory which we do routine testing as per sections of lab i have experienced them during internship. Then my recent employment i was the chief medical technologist and we mainly focused on swab testing. Less

briefly describe my own working experience

UT Southwestern Medical Center

not even asked any question they just want to show equal opportunity is given to many people for the job and they know who they want to hire

2 Answers

You could always contact the EEOC if you feel that bad, perhaps it's a pattern.

i feel sad for UT southwestern HR and the laboratory only i am sure other departments are the best Less

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