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What will you do if a client wants to have you as his girlfriend?

4 Answers

Politely decline him and refer him to the manager

you can simply answer that my job is not permit me to do that also you can speak to my manager to help you

I would politely decline while boost his ego, for he is a client and he should be happy. Also I will assure him that the woman he ends up with will be the luckiest. Kind of like this "I would love to, Mr.Rajesh but I am not ready for a relationship. Also my job does not allow me to have personal relationships with the clients. I am so sure the woman who ends up with you will be the luckiest woman in the world. Unfortunately I am the unlucky one. "

if you become a president what you will do first?

2 Answers

Why do you wish to work in Keys Hotels?

1 Answer

In interview they are asked me Some city codes and some airport codes And they are asked me you know about creation of pnr and They Said to me creat 1 pnr From hyd-man 2 adt 2 chd fare.

1 Answer

Asked to sell a product and handle the objection

1 Answer

Why Oberoi Hotels, Future Plans, Hotel Industry specific questions (reservations and revenue related)

1 Answer

About myself and the background.

1 Answer

Will you be able to handle sales along with reservation?

1 Answer

what is your current placement at dc holidays?

1 Answer

why itc maurya , why not other? there are so many brand hotels in delhi.

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