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Mendocino Farms
Restaurant Manager was asked...11 March 2023

What would you say your weaknesses as a manager are if any?


Why do u want to work at Bolt? The client calls you at 8pm on friday, after you finished your work......... what do u do? What KPIs would you use to measure.........

Four Seasons

What do you know about Four Seasons, Can you describe about the word ‘service’


How is your work ethic

1 Answers

I have a great work ethic


Have you ever worked in gastronomy?


Are you able to take night shifts?


Are you a enrolled student?


What is your time availability?

Toast Inc

Describe your approach in dealing with a difficult client issue? How did you resolve?

1 Answers

Gave a solid example based on their model of situation, task, action and result when framing answers. Less

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