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The first day we had two rounds. First-round was language rest and next for those who cleared the test it was aptitude round.

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Try to solve it with logic

How many rounds they conduct for retailer associate?

I've cleared first two rounds bt still now I've not received mail regarding further rounds. So how many days does it take to call for the third round?? Is further HR rounds will be easy or not??

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how to handle customer in customer service.

3 Answers

Suppose that 10% of the products sold online were incorrectly priced. What could be a possible solution to this problem and detail out the approach you'll follow.

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If you have software which counts leafs in a tree. how did you know this works .

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You are working as a store manager and an frustrated employee came and slapped you. What you will do?

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Achieving Goals & Target Orientation

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They had asked us to talk about ourselves.

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Tell me about yourself

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why you want to change the job

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how do you see youself growing?

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