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American Airlines
Revenue Management Analyst was asked...1 March 2017

Sell me your pen. Tell me a time you did something for someone and you didn't expect anything in return. Why American? If you were CEO of American how would you improve American Airlines day 1?

23 Answers

I did it last night, I feel confident about it. It was pretty mucy exactly what I thought it would be, just different format. Hoping for a call about the interview. Less

I would but the point of the onsite interview if to see if you can think on your feet and problem solve. If you already know everything they are going ask you, they don't get to see these things. I can tell you more about it though. 1 interviewer pushed me until i didn't know how to solve a problem and then watched to see how I worked though it or if I shut down. I was asked many basic statistic questions along with pattern recognition. They also asked estimation questions to see my thought process. I was not asked many behavioral questions though. The final type was standard RM questions like EMSR, Demand Forecasting, buying patterns of different types of customers etc........ Less

Thanks a lot!!! When will you start to work?

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American Airlines

You are in a garage sale, you're selling your TV for 100 and your neighbor is selling the exact same TV for 50, what should you do?

4 Answers

In response to your eg with AA flight vs Jet Blue, you need to ask yourself, are you profitable selling a ticket at $50? If not you can't just drop your price to compete and a loss. The garage sale scenario was strictly 2 tv's in the neighborhood. If one is sold and your tv is the only tv left, there's no competition, also you can still justify your price with other incentives, maybe free delivery. I was given this answer in class from a professor who was once in the airlines. I hope this helps. Less

Drop price to $50. Its a Nash equilibrium.

don't get in a price war, keep price high there's only 2 tv's for sale. Probably offer free delivery Less

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American Airlines

Very straight forward.

4 Answers

Did you hear anything back from them yet?

Nope, not yet :(

Same same. I prob gonna leave it alone and move on... :(

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United Airlines

What route would you start and why?

4 Answers

Have they started giving out offers yet?

I was wondering the same thing... I've yet it hear anything as well.

good luck to the both of us then!

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I was asked an algebra work problem, something like "If you can do X work in 2 hours and another person can do Y work in 4 hours, when will you finish if you work together?"

3 Answers

I had to think back to my algebra days... that was quite some time ago.

Distance = Rate*Time Rate = (X/2 + Y/4) Distance = (X+Y) Time = (X+Y)/(X/2+Y/4) Less

X work finished Before 2 hrs then y work

American Airlines

Prioritize these five situations according to which one you would want to deal with as soon as possible to the ones that could be dealt with later. a. Southwest offers 10% discount on all fares. b. United launches new route from Salt Lake City to *some city* in Montana. c. AirTran lowers fares for college students traveling to Florida in March. d. You're giving a presentation to your VP in 1 hour and haven't started preparing. e. United, AirTran, and Southwest all increase prices on fares for 3 different routes that AA also flies.

2 Answers

How long did it take for them to call after the final round? How much was the offer? Less

Interviewer told me after that this was a really hard question and that he wasn't sure it was fair because interviewees couldn't really know the answer unless they had worked in RM before. Less

Costa Crociere

Now that I've described how our company operates here in the States, how does that compare with your current employer which is also based in Italy?

1 Answers

I found that question to be a bit odd. Almost as though it was a fishing expedition for competitive information. I simply answered "Pretty much the same". Less

American Airlines

How many phone numbers are currently active?

2 Answers

it depends on how many cell phones are active.

How long after the final round till they contacted you? How much did they offer?

Frontier Airlines

Who is Frontiers biggest competitor?

1 Answers

Southwest Airlines is about to bury Frontier Airlines in Denver Colorado and Nationwide because of Southwest Competitive nature, low fares and expanded routs. Frontier Airlines uncompetitive with employees that are taught not to dig deep inside themselves to make things happen. Less

American Airlines

What would you consider before opening a fast food restaurant in your town? How many new cars are purchased each year in America? Why do Airlines overbook flights? Tell me about the worst group you ever worked with? Tell me about a time you faced failure? What are you most proud of of on your resume?

2 Answers

When did the process start for you?

Early October

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