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Delta Air Lines
Revenue Management Co-op was asked...26 April 2015

How many basketballs would fit in this room?

44 Answers

Since the position is for a revenue management position, the interviewer will want to see that you can think through the math in a practical way. Don't guess. Instead, think aloud as you work out the answer. Here's a simple way to get a rough estimate of the number of basketballs that will fit in the room. Estimate the size of the room. Let's say it is about 10' x 10', with an 8' ceiling. Now, estimate the volume required for one basketball. To get a rough answer, don't get fancy with equations and dealing with the shape of the basketball. You may not be sure of the diameter of a basketball, but you have a rough idea. To make the math simple, figure that the ball is about 1' in diameter. The ball is the same width in all directions, so it takes up roughly 1 cubic foot of volume. How many cubic feet in the room? 10 time 10 time 8, or 800. So, there's room for approximately 800 basketballs. If I were interviewing a candidate for this type of position, I'd be very pleased if the candidate could think through that answer. But if this were a position for a role that involved more sophisticated math, such as a data analyst or engineering position, I would expect the candidate to go further and discuss how the estimate could be improved. The next step would be accounting for the exact dimensions of the room and basketballs. And an engineer should be aware of dense packing arrangements that could fit more basketballs into the room. Less

That depends. Inflated or deflated ?

How many need to fit?

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American Airlines

You are in a garage sale, you're selling your TV for 100 and your neighbor is selling the exact same TV for 50, what should you do?

4 Answers

In response to your eg with AA flight vs Jet Blue, you need to ask yourself, are you profitable selling a ticket at $50? If not you can't just drop your price to compete and a loss. The garage sale scenario was strictly 2 tv's in the neighborhood. If one is sold and your tv is the only tv left, there's no competition, also you can still justify your price with other incentives, maybe free delivery. I was given this answer in class from a professor who was once in the airlines. I hope this helps. Less

Drop price to $50. Its a Nash equilibrium.

don't get in a price war, keep price high there's only 2 tv's for sale. Probably offer free delivery Less

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US Airways

Explain at least 2 things which are affecting the Airlines industry today financially.

3 Answers

I explained about rising costs of fuel, and increased regulations.

What about the telephone number interview?

The shutdown of the entire economy because of Coronavirus is the main reason. I can say the Airlines industry is particularly very vulnerable to events such terrorism, political instability and natural disaster. Less


Why Aeromexico?

3 Answers

How did you apply online? Can you give the website I been trying to apply but the girls in Aeromexico never give me the website to apply Less

Es una empresa bastante en importante dentro del aeropuertos dentro de México y a nivel mundial es una empresa que en lo personal creo que te ayuda a crecer tanto laboral como personalmente. Less

Because I dream of working here!

Boyd Gaming

I was asked about my previous experience with Boyd Gaming as a Lead

3 Answers

Talked about my previous education and employment

does boys gaming do urine or hair



If you came across an error on a new software you learned, what would you do?

3 Answers


I wil restart it

in that case, i will refer to my direct manager or to my department heard.


I was asked an algebra work problem, something like "If you can do X work in 2 hours and another person can do Y work in 4 hours, when will you finish if you work together?"

3 Answers

I had to think back to my algebra days... that was quite some time ago.

Distance = Rate*Time Rate = (X/2 + Y/4) Distance = (X+Y) Time = (X+Y)/(X/2+Y/4) Less

X work finished Before 2 hrs then y work

Bharti Airtel

DO you know Vlook up in Excel?

2 Answers


Wrong company, Airtel ATN is an aviation company and does not operate in india

Costa Crociere

Now that I've described how our company operates here in the States, how does that compare with your current employer which is also based in Italy?

1 Answers

I found that question to be a bit odd. Almost as though it was a fishing expedition for competitive information. I simply answered "Pretty much the same". Less


describe how you decreased the taxpayer's burden(internal question)

2 Answers

you would assess all the figures (pay, cost of living, budget analysis). Then, you would work in a payment plan contract. Something that is doable and insure a win/win scenario. Less

minimum income probes

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