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round 1: what is Doppler effect? how does the air blows

 ? how are tides formed? what is Archimedes principle? what do you mean by the term buoyancy? what is the chemical formula of washing soda? what is the general formula for alkenes? what is the mechanism for flying of a airplane? (a+b) whole cube? what is cos(a-b)? explain gravity is maximum on poles or equator and why? round 2: tell me about yourself? what are your weakness? what is your passion? tell any 5 states of north america and south america? tell me about your family background? why you want to join this company? why you want to join merchant navy? how did you came to know about our company? have you applied for any where else for sponsorship?

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bro can u plz suggest me good answers for part 2 qus

Anonymous on 17-Nov-2016

*Doppler effect- the Apparent change in frequency of sound due to the relative motion between observer source of sound.
*Air blow- it blows due to pressure difference means from high pressure to low pressure.
*Formation of tides.- Tides are formed due to the gravitational force between earth and the water surface.
*Archimedes principle.- the buoyancy force is equal to to the weight of the water displaced.
*Buoyancy force- it is an upward force acts on a body by the surrounding fluid.
*Chemical formula of washing soda- n a 2 c o 3.
*The general formula of alkenes is- C(n)H(2n).
*The mechanism of aeroplane flying is is due to Magnus effect as it is due to pressure difference.
*cos(a-b)=cos a cos b+sin a sin b.
* gravity is maximum at poles because gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the radius.

Sai teja varma on 17-May-2019

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