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Sales and marketing Interview Questions


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Reaction if the company terminated for no reason

2 Answers

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how are you going to Sell me an iphone though i like samsung..?

3 Answers

Why you want to leave the present job...? What reasons behind that...?

2 Answers

Tell me something about yourself?

2 Answers

Why sales?

2 Answers

Tell me About Just Dial? Why Just Dial?

2 Answers

Who is the current governor of the RBI.

2 Answers

What is the difference between Hard work and smart work?

2 Answers

If you love your current employment so much then why do you want to leave it?

1 Answer

There is an island which has wind blowing from west to east. There are cliffs on all sides. a fire starts on the west end. How will you protect yourself?

2 Answers
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