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Sales and Marketing was asked...4 June 2012

Why do you wish to change your Job

7 Answers

Better career opportunities & Growth


I need to get more experience with different companies

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Do you like cars?

5 Answers

Tell me about you past work experiences.


working as supervisor international students office

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Sell us an expired yogurt

5 Answers

Like most people, I presume you are always mindful of the expiration date for foods and related products before use for health reasons mainly. But with yoghurts such fears should not be nursed because yoghurts retain all health and taste its benefits even after expiration and can be enjoyed in many delightful and creative ways including with bread, salads, veggies, pasta, meats, chips and coffee. This particular brand I present to you was uniquely made to retain all its benefits and appeal even after the expiration date, so that you don't bother about health, wastage and taste with this brand. Trust me you , you are buying the same quality as a non expired one at a lower price. What are you waiting for? Get your own bottle now! Less

Two words: yeast infection. I mean, you're thinking of expired yoghurt, but I'm looking at a very effective off-the-counter solution to a problem that 1 in 5 women experience. Less

Outside the health benefits of a expired yogurt,it also tastes better.The sour taste becomes stronger and people enjoy it more then than when it's fresh. Less

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What three characteristics set you apart from the other applicants?

4 Answers

Dependable, ethical and dedicated

Dependable, ehical and dedicated

I'm the #1 salesman in America

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ServiceMaster Brands

what are your worst qualities

3 Answers


It depends who you ask. My wife would tell you I snore too much.

workaholic. perfectionist.

Swatch Group

what is your weaknesses

4 Answers

There's no such thing as weakness. Only areas need to be improved.

I'm fresh in the marketing but I am able to adapt as soon as possible

I can stand in one place

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Chalhoub Group

1- How are you with excel and dealing with numbers?

4 Answers


Microsoft Office, IT Skills

Very good

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Tolaram Group

You may have to work in Nigeria for 4-5 years, Are you willing to do that ?

4 Answers

I don't have any problem working in Nigeria.


No problem to work for 10 years

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Strata Retail and Technology Services

Reaction if the company terminated for no reason

2 Answers


Not interested to display here

Rasasi Perfumes

About previous experience

3 Answers

Digital experience

Good morning

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