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How can you connect building which is not connected to network with infrastructure ?

5 Answers

Required so much potential for meet various people and much people in less time and close for sales

if that building is not connected to the network with infrastructure then i will use modem,or net connector like reliance photon,or trying to connect wireless connection through my cell.

answer is perfect for this question

How many days you want to work here

3 Answers

Programs like remove the duplicate numbers in sorted array by scanning the array only once, means {1,1,2,3,6,8,8,8,8}-->{1,2,3,6,8}, producer and consumer problem, and finding the sum of diagonal elemts in array of any size, etc

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They asked me some basic concepts of sales and marketing.

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Why did the company introduced only to teamlease?

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Tell me about your self

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More questions on your travelling experiences

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As it say it is Unexpected but not a single on my time

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why did you left the company.

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Describe a wsdl structure in detail.

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