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How will you bring change in the organisation without creating turbulance

5 Answers

Make a good case study, take a buyin from the top management, make presentations to the management team and concerned officers. Ask their opinion, make changes whereever necessary. Then implement it

what a dumb question and what a dumb answer.. its like asking Q: How well would you obey us? A: Sir, 100%

why is this dumb

What do you mean by AML

4 Answers

What is your exceptions from the company

4 Answers

Previous organisation details

3 Answers

why do you want to join us?

3 Answers

There is a critical deliverable that requires a key resource to work overtime and on weekends to deliver. He however does not want to stretch beyond office hours to meet the client expectations, despite being compensated handsomely for the extra effort. How will you handle this situation?

2 Answers

Tell us about your self?

2 Answers

why did u select it Bangalore?

2 Answers

my job work Experience my Presentation

2 Answers

Would be able to work under immense sales pressure

2 Answers
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