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You get to meet the real terror of Hawkins in the most pleasant way.

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Anyone please tell me what is the pattern of written test. I have my written test on 1st june 2014.

same is mine anuja.. dont know about the pattern. But it seems everthing right from 11th to graduation can be asked... I guess it is for management trainnee- accounts. Right? If you get some Info please forward it to my email.

i have my test on 8th june..i have received a letter stating there will be three tests of 75 mins each..can anyone plz say what is the pattern

Why Apple??

21 Answers

can u speak french?

10 Answers

Are you ready for cold call That's it not introduction nothing else not before not after that's it.

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Tell me about yourself.

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How can you connect building which is not connected to network with infrastructure ?

5 Answers

What is your memorable day ?

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What is your current Profile?

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she asked me to download and app to make the interview and said that i need to download it, while i asked other ways without reply, while i finally download it, she begin in very impolite way discuss saying that was my fault that i can't find her in the app, the discussion continue for one minute in very impolite way, i really feel big and bad impression of this company

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they asked me to solve 178 questions and i did and got selected , most question is related about how to handle team and distributions networks

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