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she asked me to download and app to make the interview and said that i need to download it, while i asked other ways without reply, while i finally download it, she begin in very impolite way discuss saying that was my fault that i can't find her in the app, the discussion continue for one minute in very impolite way, i really feel big and bad impression of this company

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i just replied her that i waited for her call id in the app, and she continue keep discuss saying that was my fault, i just said, i don't need this kind of talk and turn of the call

Thanks for your feedback. It may be possible you left this review for the wrong company, as (1) we don't have a Sales Manager position open in this region, and (2) we don't require people download an app for an interview. Regardless, I hope you find the right company and position for you out there and wish you the best of luck.

Hi Mike, the position is Sales Director/Beijing office/ and interview was made by Kanika Kappor.thanks

Define yourself in 2 Words.

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Reaction if the company terminated for no reason

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The market is so compitative?

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Most difficult question was why you want to change if the previous company is giving you good hike in salary and promotion.

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More over technical questins felt difficulty apart from that everything was fine

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What is the reason for job change?

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In the final round - We are unsure of taking you on board as you are an industry outsider...

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Sales related and experience

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Will you cope up if you were send on some field work?

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