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Sales & Marketing Internship was asked...23 March 2021

What particular strengths do you have?

1 Answers

I spoke on my experiences and how I have developed particular strengths.

Nanova Biomaterials

Can you devote a minimum of 20 hours?

1 Answers



How did Pinterest generate revenue?

1 Answers

They sell adds to people that want to advertise and be promoted in Pinterest.

Turtle Entertainment

Die ersten sechs Monate des Praktikums sind unbezahlt, was ich nicht erwartet hatte.

1 Answers

You must be able to maintain yourself during the internship.

College Works Painting

Tell me about yourself...

1 Answers

This was the only question the interviewer even asked. It didn't even feel like an actual interview and honestly felt very sketchy. Less

Boosted (PA)

why do you want to work with college athletes

1 Answers

I am passionate about sports and am interested in legislation being passed in college sports Less


What are the top 5 property industry trends?

1 Answers

Used my general knowledge of what's been mentioned in the news


Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position?

1 Answers

Basically, understand what exactly Aflac does and tailor your experience to that. Less

Why do you want to go into marketing or sales?

1 Answers

I am a people person. I am not shy, i'm outgoing and i love working with people.


Are you bilingual and fluent (generally second language as Chinese)?

1 Answers

Yes and the interview was switched to another language to test out your competency. Less

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