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CRM Solution Architect, Salesforce was asked...21 November 2017

Describe the difference between roles and profiles?

1 Answers

Profile is for Object level access(Table) and field level access/FLS(attributes) based on group/segmentation. However role is used for record level access which depends on user object level permission(profile,OWS ,permission set...). Less

We first reviewed Edmunds goals and structure - then Apex Triggers, Governor limits, Strategic Salesforce questions .... first goals of Edmunds was reviewed, with follow on Very Insightful questions ... Impressed by the caliber of questions and staff

1 Answers

You need to be on your game... and if you don't know - give answer on where you would look for answers Less


What techniques would you use in a typical requirements gathering engagement?

1 Answers

Just explained how I typically conduct a requirements gathering session

Cognizant Technology Solutions

What does activate button does on communities?

1 Answers

It activates community but interviewer wanted to know what it does in the background. Less


The ask for References and an account manager calls you

1 Answers

Provided references and spoke to account manager


How much salary are you expecting.

1 Answers

Detailed my expectations.

Traction on Demand

There were some detailed questions examining my technical solution and why I developed it the way that I did.

1 Answers

I explained how Salesforce Flows had evolved to the point where they were capable of being used where in the past code would have been required. I showed how a modular architecture could be maintained by an admin but offered future engagement, as well. Less

Zebra Technologies

how to review Security Setup

1 Answers

Optimizer report can be a quick solution however this is a vast topic. many aspects are involved. Less

Butterfly Network

The interviewer presented a partial current state architecture map and asked for thoughts on improvement

1 Answers

I asked questions to gather additional details and made suggestions as seemed appropriate Less


The most challenging role you played in a project?

1 Answers

Has any of your projects failed and what did you do about it?

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