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They asked some very specific engineering related questions.

1 Answer

My response was that I deal with data and not engineering solutions which was an honest answer.

What technology or item that most people feel will be obsolete in the future do you not agree with ....

1 Answer

How many cans of blue paint were sold in the United States last year?

1 Answer

What is your experience as DA

1 Answer

How do you validate your data

2 Answers

In general, the questions are more related with your passed experience and the working knowledge regarding with the opening.

1 Answer

25 horse puzzle, 8 coins puzzle

1 Answer

What makes you different from the other analysts?

1 Answer

If you have 10 bags of marbles with 10 marbles each and one bag has marbles that weigh differently than the others, how would you figure it out from one weighing

7 Answers

What are the keywords in the phrase: how many cups are in a gallon?

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