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loading json, how to store json file, data collection part. Questions regarding quality assurance of design of a product. Free lunch with hiring manager under 10 dollars, however, it's a INTERVIEW, he/she will ask you some projects. Asking about statistics, pdf, cdf. Meet with manager of hiring manager. Do some python.

Apart for the usual there were a set of bayesian statistic questions and some advanced SQL.

- Advanced SQL - Questions on previous work projects - Inferential Stats questions - Python Programming - Questions on Growth & Retention (Applied Quantitative B2C Marketing)

Wasn't clear and concise but it had to do with a function to define an object if its a variable or not. Caught me off guard, I didn't expect R and hadn't used R in a while.

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Find prime numbers less than 1 billion using map reduce framework. (answer was expected in less than 30 seconds!!)

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Exercise connected to Criteo's business model

Design a web crawler. There were 2 parts of it: 1. Print a map listing all the web-links which can be reached from a particular page when you have a helper API returning the web-links on the page. 2. Implement that helper API

Calculate a specific metric based on a given dataset (data wrangling).