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Data Scientist Interview Questions in San Jose, CA, US


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Nothing sophisticated. Not even sure, if they prepped questions for the interview or just ask a random question for the sake of asking.

What is the biggest challenge in your work and how did you overcome it?

Normal Data Scientist questions and one take-home challenge

Open-ended experimentation design, simple coding question and best practice, and detailed machine learning questions (based on resume experience)

Details on the Onsite round: 1. They call it Craft Presentation. In reality you will be given a data science problem to model. --Instructions on data science problem (15 minutes) --Work on the data science problem (60 minutes). You can use anything to code. Personally I used notebook. 1 hour to complete everything from data cleaning to result visualization. --Presentation : ----Your personal intro & 1 project of yours ----Data science problem: code walk-through ----Q&A about the work 2. Break --Lunch @ cafeteria. Good time to check out their campus and ask questions about work culture and other things. Con: One of your panel interviewer will be taking u out to lunch so you are getting assessed during break time too. 2. Individual interview -- One(or a couple) 1-on-1 rounds. technical/behavioral. I do not remember exactly. --Two 2-on-1 rounds. One technical round and one behavioral.

Exercise connected to Criteo's business model

Business sense. A question on how to assess impact of a hypothetical features and possible problems.

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Self-Introduction. Some basic but not trivial statistics concepts. How to compare two distributions. Simple data manipulation questions with R. Case study about Google advertisement and follow-up survey.

Create a smart room system and talk through how you would improve it from current offerings

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