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Sap abap fresher Interview Questions


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All basic questions on Data Dictinary, Reports, Smartforms.

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I answered very well as far as i know.

Basic Questions on SAP ABAP from DDIC and Reports.

1.What is the difference domain and data element, 2.How to validate the custom table, 3.type of internal tables, data class, delivery class, 4.why we need buffer area, 5.types of tables, 6. types of reports 7.How to do the interactive report 8. events in flow logic editor 9.which event trigger fist in selection screen 10. i want to update the vendor details through XK02 transaction what was the process 11. difference between RFC and BAPI 12. what is polymorphism managerial round print the below logic by using abap 1 12 123 1234 what are the tables involved in SD flow

Technical Interview - Programming skills (C, C++, Java)

call by reference vs call by value etc

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