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An SAP (systems, applications and products) consultant works for a global leader in software development. If you are interviewing for this position, expect to answer technical and behavioural questions. Essential skills that interviewers will look for include teamwork, communication and strategy.

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Top SAP Consultant Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top SAP consultant interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What unique skills and training can you bring to this SAP consultant position?

How to answer: Articulate your natural performance and technical abilities that align with job requirements. These abilities can include attention to detail, which helps develop accurate business processes; communication skills, which enable the development of tailored software for business processes and strong customer relationships; and enthusiasm, which helps when working long hours to learn SAP modules.

Question No. 2: What process would you use to determine a client's SAP needs?

How to answer: Demonstrate to the hiring manager how to configure SAP effectively by specifying the steps you would take after meeting a new client. You can describe how you use your communication skills to understand client requirements and concerns; identify potential limitations with implementation, such as a lack of system requirements; and tailor the software to the relevant tasks, department, company features and industry.

Question No. 3: How do you maintain up-to-date SAP knowledge?

How to answer: Consider this question as an opportunity to show the interviewer that you can provide current solutions. Talk about your methods for doing so. For example, using training opportunities, researching new SAP developments and checking new SAP offerings related to client-specific features can help you stay current.

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SAP Consultant was asked...16 March 2023

Fav sub Scenario based questions


Apenas sobre vida pessoal e corporativa.


Experiencia, expectativas, nivel de ingles


SAP Ariba implementation process and challenges in this job


Tell us about your self

But it's hr spam was dr I got approval even though hr dnt process


Any critical Incident you solved recently .

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Based on past experience.


Three words your friends would describe you with, If you had blank check what would you do, (HR type of questions). A lot if technical questions on SAP GTS and previous project experience.


- Presentation - Motivations - Parcours - Questions relatives à la personne


They asked me about my previous work experience and talked about my CV

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