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After School Counselor was asked...25 October 2011

What is your general attitude toward disciplining children?

3 Answers

I said that kids need structure, but it's important to be flexible and patient and always to remember what it was like to be a kid. Less

Where I work we just tell them. There are consequences for actions. If you make a bad choice, you may lose 5 minutes of something for example, if you make good choices, sometimes you get rewarded, but we always praise good choices. Less

Nice, Hard Spanking, WITH THE BELT! and if they continue, pepper spray on the genitals. Less

San Mateo - Foster City School District

How do you intervene with at risk students?

2 Answers

I start by talking to the students and work with them to set personal goals. I often suggest getting involved with sports teams or after school programs. Less

Listen, talk, empathized, together find a solution. But, put the power back in the student’s hands. Less

Bay Area Community Resources

Interviewer asked how a Counselor should and would work with a family who doesn't respond to communication and doesn't show much interest in working with the School Counselor. Interviewer also asked how a Counselor should handle a case of suspected child abuse.

2 Answers

After reaching out through phone contacts, emails, and mailed letters, I will make a home visit in attempt to visit with the family. I will discuss with the family any problems and together come up with a solution. I worked 17 years in CPS and our agency received calls of suspected abuse from schools. I will first discuss the concerns with my superior and follow their guidelines before contacting CPS. Less

I would try to reach out to the parents in whatever way possible to make a connection with them in the hopes they would be more willing to work with me. I would also work more closely with the student to figure out why his/her parents are not interested in working with a counselor as well as what the extent of the abuse is. Every case is different, so it is hard to say what I would do if the student does not admit to being abused but I still strongly suspect it is happening. Less

North East Independent School District

Why are you applying for this position? What would you say is your main goal as a school counselor? What do you do for self-improvement?

2 Answers

To mentor young adults and teenagers to become the best they can be, also to encourage them that they are capable to succeed in all walks of life. Less

To mentor at risk youths and help through life experiences as well as book knowledge how to obtain their desired goals in life. Less


How well do you do under pressure with children?

2 Answers

I can manage and control tense situation with children because I'm very empathetic towards them and they always look up to me. Less

I've been a counselor before with children. I can manage the pressure by getting my students under control by a distraction with games or a movie. Less


What is your childcare experience?

2 Answers

Babysitting, Lifeguarding, swim coaching

Babysitting, children and grandchildren of my own. Watching children as I prepares to place them in foster care or relative placements. Watching children in the child care room at wok. Less

Hattiesburg Public Schools

What are your strengths?

1 Answers

Passion for children, self-initiated, motivated, easy to get along with, work well in teams Less

Billerica Public Schools

What are your thoughts on continuing education?

1 Answers

Why do you want to be a teacher here?

Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District

What would I implement as a new School Counselor?

1 Answers

I would introduce myself to the students and families.

C3 Cyber Club

How old are you?

1 Answers

(uh why ask that? I already showed my drivers licence)

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