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How do you design a pipeline (to a distant village)? Main factors u take care? u would go for laminar or turbulent flow

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I was selected as one of the 4 from mechanical total 19 were selected from Electronics They also recruit from telecomunication and computers

I think turbulent is the answer,Because of more volume flow rate of water

First of all, Turbulence is taken into account as the velocity of flow is higher (Reynold's no. increases). Now, the factors are : How much long the pipeline must be? Friction Loss No. of Bends and Power required to send it to the datum position.

What is the size of Ethernet packet frames and why is it so? How does it help synchronization?

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Mostly about the projects you have done in your academic career. They will ask almost every detail of the projects you have mentioned in your resume. You need to have strong command on basics

Why you want to work in ISRO?

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Question of Heat Transfer: If there is one Tube , Bottom of which there is Ice, And if some how we managed to place water top to ice and i heated up to 100 degree from bottom of tube, then describe the full phenomenon

Hoe many solar cells re neede for a kilowatt of power?

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What is vortex flow?

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