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How to model the numbers on a keypad for predictive text?

Discuss a recent project in detail.


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Q1. Tell me something about yourself. Q2. Tell me about projects you have worked on.(Mine was based on Data science only, its just an advantage but not necessarily). - Then few subquestions about my approach and python related ques, as it was based on python. Q3. Why you would like to join Musigma? And what you expect from us. Q4. (The tricky one) What will you choose if you get an offer from Amazon and Musigma, and why so?

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There were only three questions asked by the interviewer. The first one was to discuss about some of my projects. I discussed about one of the project of mine which was based on unsupervised learning method on telephonic voice call recording. When I was explaining about it, the interviewer asked me how is it technically possible to record telephone voice calls. Seriously? I mentioned several smartphones have this in-built apps to do it or else there are multiple third party apps to do it. He started asking me internal details of how telephonic recording is done based on it. I have come for data scientist job and he is asking me something else. Then after some more discussion, my project was unsupervised learning with no labels at all, but he started saying my project was easily solvable through some basic supervised learning methods. The second question what he asked me doesn't even deal with data scientist or machine learning. He asked me a question on the scalability issues of cloud service providers which a dev-ops engineer might be aware that too if one has read about the clauses in service level agreements. The last question what the interviewer asked me was to implement through code any machine learning algorithm except K-means and regression in Python without using any library or deep learning framework. Only allowed library was NumPy. I decided to implement a decision tree but I hadn't byhearted the code before the interview. So I was trying to implement it through the concepts. For everything I was typing on my screen, the interviewer was Googling in his screen and my fate lied upon the blog which he must have opened. I wrote the formula of entropy and to it the interviewer said it is wrong. At that point of time, I realized there is no point in discussing anything more and for the courtesy sake, I stayed in the call trying to do nothing more concretely. Also, after the interview though I wasn't expecting any clearance from the first round, I didn't receive any mail or information from HR that my candidature has been rejected.

What can you predict out of these numbers written here? 1,2,5,8,13,28,39,45

Basics on python coding Data Str.

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Drill down on all projects that you had worked on

Can you give a brief overview of your PhD research?

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