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1.How will you show the team performance to the higher management as velocity is not the very accurate way?

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Ensuring quality supersedes speed

Velocity is a guideline for the team to understand how many stories they can do in a sprint. We can showcase the team performance by using the Quality metrics.

Burn down charts, any other relevant quality metrics. Velocity is used to estimate basically (may use as one of the parameters to showcase performance also).

Few Questions were: Scrum ceremonies, Values and principle of Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, How to conduct retrospect with examples, Scrum Master - roles and responsibilities, How different is Scrum Master role than a Project Manager. User Stories and relative sizing Kanban Vs. Scrum - Pros and Cons Conflict Management

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I am the CEO of the company and everything is running smoothly in my company without Agile but you as a person for agile background convince me to start Agile .How would you do it? or Tell me how to sell Agile?

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User story valuation

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Asked to code on Piece of Paper

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Questions were around the agile processes. Very relevant to the role. The intend was to evaluate if the resource had hands-on experience or were only theoretical.

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They do not have right or skilled interview panel to interview candidates for mid level management roles. Total waste of time and energy to attend interviews here

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How the scope creep is controlled when it is fixed bid project using agile methodology? it would be great if explained with a suitable example

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Burn down chart User story journey

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agile cermomies

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