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Big Fish Games
Scrum Master/Technical Project Manager was asked...21 March 2009

How would you explain story points to a team who's new to Agile/Scrum?

4 Answers

Time vs effort.. teams get hung up on time based estimates. And not about the amount of effort it's going to take to accomplish a task/user story. Less

It’s about demonstrating it to them and comparing the efficacy compare to other frameworks via dissecting a story vertically to the smallest size possible. Less

I said I would talk to them about t-shirt sizing and try several ways to help them understand that story estimation has little to nothing to do with time, rather effort. I also explained that this was a challenging topic for a new team. Less

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Big Fish Games

Have you ever tracked velocity? How would you determine a teams Sprint velocity?

3 Answers

I said that I had a little bit, as we still had a bit of a challenge on my last team comprehending the burndown chart and how to improve estimates. How to determine it would be based on the Sprints. I kind of fumbled through this one as I really hadn't ever had much velocity tracking training, I just winged it at that time. Less

Team velocity is tracked, using the number of estimated story points, over the actual completed story points. This can be measured on the burndown chart. You can guesstimate your team velocity overtime, from the previous sprints. Less

Velocity is the total story point the team complete in a sprint. It can be tracked in the burndown chart in Jira for instance. Can be determined for an existing team by adding up velocities of 3 sprints and dividing it by 3 to get teams velocity. Less


What would you say to your team on the first day?

2 Answers

Answer they wanted to hear: What can I do to help? I did explain that in my previous environment the team would respond with "Do the job you were hired to do. It should not be necessary for us to explain your role on this team." Less

As a Scrum Master or Product Owner, I would say Hello and explain the product vision and main features Less


Do I have a vision where I want to be in the next years?

1 Answers

It is really great to ask What to you want in the future and What you are willing to learn and not be so focused on the past experiences. I answer that I just want to be in environment where I feel accepted, respected and challenged. To really grow each day, together with my team. Less


Agile values

1 Answers

I started with the basics and then dig in with specific examples


What is your leadership and communication styles for all work on the ML/RPA side?

1 Answers

When dealing with unique personality types, how do you manage the team towards an effective outcome? Less

Technibit Solutions

About my experience

1 Answers

Reason to leave my previous employer


Typical questions on what work I had done in my career, why Insurity, why am I looking to change companies, etc. The questions seemed to be initial surface level questions to determine if I could be a viable candidate and make it to a formal interview.

1 Answers

Simple and honest answers to the questions asked. I did/have not participated in an formal interview so I don't have any position specific questions and answers to share. Less

Eze Software

1) Why is using story points better than estimating with time for Agile stories? 2) Do you think grooming a backlog a 4-6 weeks out is a good use of time? 3) How do you help employees "own the room"? 4) What do you believe are the most important artifacts?

1 Answers

Reacting to the unprofessional manner - I was conflicted; was this a test or were these people this arrogant. Less


Do you think an industry certification means you know everything about the subject/makes you an expert/ or similar.

1 Answers

Answer - No..any certification can only be the beginning of a journey, and can be a necessary condition but not sufficient. Comment - It is surprising to refute the value of a certification when you specifically ask for it. Less

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