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Design and Implement movie review system.

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Though all test cases were satisfied, OOPs concepts were not implemented properly. Time allocated was 90 mins

I have coded the solution with Interface and its Implementation. They rejected me on the basis of number of classes written. I created 4 classes(Interface, Constants, Impl, AppStart), so no scope. They have a very high standard of programing. I cleared 3 rounds of amazon interview with just writing one class. TIP -> Create as my classes as possible, atleast 7 to 8.

Print level order traversal with each level in new line. Find element in a horizontally and vertically sorted array. One question on dynamic programming Design questions on flash sale and how to update CDN with new static content and making sure all traffic gets the new content only. Few more algorithm and design questions about distributed systems

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Couldn't remember much, here is the one i remember. If given a chance to add a feature to your favourite mobile app, what & how would you do that?

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given a matrix of positive and negative numbers. minimum value to start with to reach end cell. you cannot cross a cell if value becomes nefative

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What are your skills

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Given a no of URL, you need to sort in the order of max frequency. If the frequency is same you need to sort lexicographically.

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Design a game.

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Given a practical design problem; use appropriate DS and Algo to solve the same

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First round was dynamic programming question Second round was Inventory management, design, scaling etc

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