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ITT Aerospace
Facilities Second Shift was asked...30 October 2018

How to trouble shoot a problem, my abilities, how to handle grumpy people, and much more! I applied for a senior lead position then was told it would be for a tech 4 position 2nd shift. Then was told I would be the only tech on the shift, you could imagine the responsibility! Ive been a hands on manager for years and didnt mind the title as long as I was being compensated for all my skills and certs, in highly skilled and can do everything and anything thats put in front of me yet this company is unprofessional and don't have the decency to send an email that they had decided to go in a different direction!

3 Answers


Very honest

With the other post that seems to be the pattern!

Huawei Technologies

Programs like remove the duplicate numbers in sorted array by scanning the array only once, means {1,1,2,3,6,8,8,8,8}-->{1,2,3,6,8}, producer and consumer problem, and finding the sum of diagonal elemts in array of any size, etc

2 Answers

take the elements in array , then look for match up among rest elements, if found then shift 1 position up the rest elements and so on. Less

for removing the duplicate elements we need to maintain one uniq index.


Why did you choose kennywood

3 Answers

I like seeing person happy and joy there day.

Fun day to.

I love when they won too

British Institutes

Where have you taught? Which course books have you used? What ages have you taught? Can you teach me something now?

2 Answers

I don't remember now, but in any case, they're dependent on the experience you have! Less

I have only taught biology and science to my juniors classes , nothing specific.

US Army

Why do you want to join the Army?

2 Answers

I would like to service my country and gain professional experience that I could not receive from other companies. Less

I have been in the army for 24 yrs. Life in the army is what you make of it, remember that! Meet the challenge head on, exceed your full potential always, and always give 110%. The rewards are great awaiting you in the future. What employer will give you 30 days of leave (vacation) after your first year, gives you a home guarantee loan (with 0 percent down) with just the first three/four years, and great training opportunity that you can use when you get out? Those are just a few "amenities" Less


detail of each component. difference between tmap,tsort & tunique.

2 Answers

This component is used to eliminate duplicate entry from incoming data.

tmap: connect between two different sources. It accept multiple inputs and multiple outputs. tunique: This component is used to eliminate duplicate entry from incoming data. tSortrow: Sorts input data based on one or several columns, by sort type and order. Less


Actually we do not have opening on the 2nd level. But maybe you would like to join our NOC team?

2 Answers

To (pseudo)managers: Show at least some basic respect to candidates as nobody wants to come there just to see you. Really, I expected a brand like DHL to be at least basically trustworthy. Are your shipping services as reliable as your HR agents and IT managers? Less

The problem is that many managers prefer people to apply for position network engineer and after three months they promote people to senior network engineer. Sometimes is problem to find who is responsible for not answering, because some managers don't have time for interview so they send there their principals. Less

Thermo Fisher Scientific

You are playing a coin game between yourself and an opponent on a round table. The object is to place coins one after another until the table is filled with a single layer of coins. Would you go first or second and why?

2 Answers

I said second to analyze my opponents opening move.

Not knowing the size of the table, I would go first. If the table is tiny and can only fit one coin, then you automatically win with one coin placed. Less

Anaheim Union High School District

what would you do if you see a bully mistreating a student?

2 Answers

Report it

Report it


Mostly combination of both technical and professional questions.

2 Answers

I answered very confidently.

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