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1. Option Profile 2. Difference between Asset group and Asset Tag 3. What is Honey Pot. 4. Difference between Hasing and encryption. 5. What is cross site scripting. 6. Windows 7. Standard Port- TCP-1900 UDP-180 8. OWASP top-10 Vulnerability. 9. How CVSS is calculated. What all criteria is considered in CVSS. 10. Which is latest version of CVSS. 11. What is Zero day Vulnerability. 12. What is tracert 13. How you priorities vulnerability. 1. Authenticated vs unauthenticated scan. 2. Appliance 3. False positive

1. They come with python project, asked to identify bugs in python code 2. They run the code and asked to how you enumerate application manually without using 3. nmap, dirbuster nor any automation tool. 4. Explain about Json interoperatable attack 5. Explain about Dependency confusion attack 6. Explain about printspool attack 7. Explain how can get RFI with only having LFI vulnerability in php application 8. Explain about deserialization attack 9. Explain what checks you perform on windows machine to exploit privilege escalation attack 10. How you will perform pivoting attacks

Self introduction, questions regarding our project, have you worked on Iot technology?

What is Threat Modeling? Which Threat Modelling process you follow? Explain How do you perform threat modeling? What is Application Security Architecture Review? Explain with an example? Application Security Code Review Process? What is your approach in code review? What tools you use in Software composition analysis in your organization? Explain about Security pipelines used in current organization? Which code review tools you use? How much level of manual code review you perform? How do you validate the security issues identified in Code Review Tools? Explain Application Penetration Testing Process? What is your favourite pentesting tool? How you came into developement background? Which is your favourite development language? What all tools developed by you? What type of common vulnerabilities you encounter when performing security code review? Encryption and hashing standards? What is cipher suite? How encryption take place in SSL/TLS handshake? What is your approach when performing security assessment on development frameworks? Have you worked on any SIEM solution? Have you worked on any Monitoring Solutions?

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what is malware and what are its types

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What are the SIEM tools?

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