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United Launch Alliance
Security & Emergency Services Specialist II was asked...25 October 2019

I was asked if I knew about the company and if she "had" to go over the "whole intro".

1 Answers

I referenced Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk the recruiter was clueless and appeared rushed. The recruiter was clueless throughout the whole telephone screening and seemed uninterested and more preoccupied with not knowing how to read a resume. Horrible experience. Less

Raytheon Technologies

What are your weaknesses?

1 Answers

Answering that question.

ADT Security Services

Do you have a problem being managed (closely) ?

1 Answers

I informed them I had no problem with close supervision by managment.


What specific areas of cybersecurity interest you the most?

1 Answers

I have enjoyed the policy, standard, process and guideline documentation for data security at my current role. However, I'm also studying for a live penetration test certification exam, as I still enjoy the technical aspects of data security (red team, incident response etc.). Less

Rackspace Technology

Troubleshooting Scenarios

1 Answers

Troubleshooting step by step eliminating single point of failure

Northrop Grumman

Did I have experience hardening Operating Systems?

1 Answers

I have had experience with Army Hardening software, including Retina, Nessus and other manual ways to edit registry to harden the system to DOD standards. Less

United Launch Alliance

Why was I looking for another position?

1 Answers

I started answering and was cut off with another question. I was informed that I looked "job hoppyish". When I attempted to explain how my own business did not materialize I was cut off again and told my resume looked "job hoppyish". Very unprofessional speech and demeanor. Less

American Water

How are you looking to advance yourself?

1 Answers

Continuing my studies (in the field in question) and eventually get a higher position within the company. Less


What is the port number for SMTP?

1 Answers

The traditional port number is 25 for mail servers, but for clients it can be 465 or 587. Less


How do I handle negative situations

1 Answers

Use a personal experience

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