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Security Services interview questions

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How much business can you get for the Company

2 Answers

I said I can nt put a number or target but all the customers whom I have served in the past will certainly consider the products & services of this company and some of them will opt for it.

Dude, I think Service Delivery Manager is responsible for making sure the cost-effective, timely and quality delivery of "Services" and not bringing the business. How much business can you get the company is the question for Business Manager to answer - right? I can think of two options: 1. Interviewer is dumb and doesn't know how/what to ask profile specific questions. OR 2. Interviewer is a genius, thorough in his/her approach and knows what he/she has asked and expecting from candidate to answer. Solely my views mate, please do not take it otherwise. Cheers

what do you know about Active Directory

1 Answer

I went for voice process n they were asking me IT questions

1 Answer

The Interview for a premium Mall in Bangalore Client has given some different different scenario and asked me how i will handle the situation. it was very hard time for me but thanks god i was able to convince them. and grab the position.

1 Answer

why you left last job?

1 Answer

Please dont try to learn or read in last 2 or 3 days before interview

1 Answer

Why didnt you all this while?

1 Answer

Why do you want to switch after 10 years??

1 Answer

Describe the project handled?

1 Answer

Basic questions about server 2008 such as DHCP, Domains and services in server. Some of the questions were from the CV.

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