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about my career, why amazon etc

3 Answers

about my career i just want to achieve something in life through which i can be happy and successful.

What was your answer for why Amazon' ?

Will they give any aptitude for te test?

Tell about yourself. Qualifiactions , any experience

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The questions will be on scenario. I was asked one scenario and what will you do in customers or wrong. Should be in favor of our customers or obey the rules and policies we have ?

2 Answers

Just jam session have been done for me..

2 Answers

The versant test is pretty tough, you need to be typing fast along with punctuations.

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Why should i hire you?

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How do you manage to work when you are under stress

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OPS MANAGER ROUND 1 - He told me to talk in Hindi and I did mistake by putting English words in between the hindi sentences, he asked about self introduction which is not present in my Resume in English, Why you want to quit your current job, are you comfortable to work in any shifts, if you are provided with an off day in between the week other than Saturday or Sunday is it fine with you or not, why you want to join Amazon seller Support Role, some speciality about yourself. All went well other than the hindi part where I used english words in between and hence, failed in interview.

2 Answers

Tell me about your prodect Then i have to sell your prodect

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