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It was easy... consist of puzzles & case studies.

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You are suppose to eat 28 choclate and for every 3 wrapper u get 1 choclate free? How many minimum chcolate you are suppose to eat ? Ans. 19

What is significance of 1st January 1960 in SAS? Ans. SAS stores everything in form of numbers and considers 1-1-1960 as base date

There are two ways of doing quantitative estimates to problems like "how many bricks in the Great Wall" or "how many tennis balls in the United States?". In this case, let's use cars in a particular city. 1. Top-down. Take the population of the city. Countries and/or states often have car ownership records, whoever is the registration authority. In the US, you would use the State DMV, but the US Dept. of Transportation also has that. You would then apply a ratio to the population of the city. You would then adjust the resulting number by demographics. Compare the cities demographics compared to the "average city" in the city/state. For example, cities tend to have younger, richer population. There may be other factors like the antiquated road infrastructure (e.g. Rome), extremely high cost of living/car ownership (e.g. New York City) or car taxes (e.g. Singapore). 2. Bottoms-up. Sometimes you can collect the data manually. Usually, this type of estimate works only were data integrity is good and available. Also, you usually have to do a reality check against a top-down guesstimate anyways.

Project architecture

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The most unexpected question was, define SOA and outline its architectural principles.

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C#, program to display list of table details using model list with razor syntax

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All technical related questions

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Technical question related to. Net

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Why are you changing from your current job.

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solving technical questions regarding C, algorithms, data structures.

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Very basic questions on front end framework (Angularjs)

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