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What is a parametrized class?

1 Answer

Parameterised classes are same as parameterised modules in verilog. parameters are like constants local to that particular class.


1 Answer

Complete interview was based on Verilog and Digital Electronics There were three interview rounds one technical,one managerial(which people say ) (especially covering the resume)and third HR round

Design a async fifo for a given freq and throughput.

Basic Questions on blocking/non-blocking assignments, STA, resets etc. Questions on system design, congestion solving problem.

IO Budget / Timing: Since I was out of touch on this topic, I was not very well prepared on this. But I think I handled it well Also, was surprised to see a question like: How many ping pong balls would you need to fill up a 20X20 meeting room? etc. The idea was to see more on how I'd approach the problem and not necessarily give the right answer.

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