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Asked me in detail about my previous work experience.

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Hi brother, I too also given interview in December. After 3 weeks i got a call on 29 dec, and asked me join on chime interview and i gave the interview. The interview was good but still I didn’t get any response from them. So I don’t know if I’m selected or not. Did u got any reply after chime interview. Thanks

Hello brother! I was sent an email to join the interview over a chime call, just like you. After the interview was done, I got an email from the recruitment team after 7 days saying that I was selected for the role. In your case, the interview was done on 29th but there is no response yet. It might be because of the high volume of applications they are receiving. Check the spam folder in your Gmail once. Sometimes, the recruitment team might give you a call in case of your selection. If you have missed any calls in the past few days, then send an email to the recruitment team once. I recommend you to wait for a few more days. If you've received any regret email, try applying for other positions. Cheers!

Thanks brother for ur reply. Can u pls share with me recruitment team email id.

Tell us about yourself ?

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What will you do if a client wants to have you as his girlfriend?

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How would you deal with agents who are more tenured than you are in the company

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Types of insurance Why insurance why willis why you left your last job

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Where is the PCB located and what are its components? (The term PCB wasnt specified)

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HR interview ( describe yourself, experience you holds, last drawn perk),aptitude test, E-mail etiquette, ops interview, hr interview ( Perks discussion) You should be well prepared as why company should hire you and what is your experience? How will you rate yourself in terms of process knowledge, communication skills, decision making power

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Very specific to PV.

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Explain SWAPS

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