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Senior Business Analyst Interview Questions


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this is moet important that the company must take some decesion to gave chance to talented student.

7 Answers

compony can gave chance

First of all it's most not Moet if you are looking for a talented people there are about 1.3 billion people living in India who are smart and better to think and give different ideas and no mention hard working


Guesstimate- a company is getting into bulb making business many bulbs should it manufacturer ??

2 Answers

about your previous work profile, and your profile related to current profile.

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How can Cognizant leverage my MBA, experience and IT background?

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What is the approach to pricing a brand new flagship product (with nothing similar in the segment .. sort of like iPhone when it first hit the market) ?

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Blue Ocean Strategy

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My experience in risk management.

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Minimum time taken to burn a rope if it is of 8 meters in length and burns at a rate of 1 meter per minute

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Easy and related to field.

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They asked more on the Technical side, since I'm from functional background. I would not be comfortable with more technical questions

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