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University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics
Business Intelligence Analyst, Senior was asked...9 April 2018

What project were you most proud of?

1 Answers

Tableau based report suite.

Zego Insurance

Why do you want to work for Zego?

1 Answers

Forward thinking company that is doing someting amazing for the insurance industry Less


everything was generic

1 Answers

Generic but strong responses.

Lincoln Financial Group

When creating a WebI report there are three types of connection: personal, shared, or secure. Which one do you use?

1 Answers

Completely confused, I let them know in all the reports I've developed I have never had to set a connection type. Upon researching it afterward out of curiosity, the question was phrased completely incorrectly which caused the confusion. (secure/personal/shared connections are used in the creation of data foundations in UDT/IDT for semantic layer development, not at the report level.) I would have thought it was a trick question, but while explaining after I told them I had never used that, the interviewer explained it as part of the report creation process as well. Less


Forecasting off of the given 3 years data. A) which country will acquire the most customers in Q1 2021? B) which country will acquire the most customers in all of 2021?

1 Answers

In Google sheets i used the "forecast.liner "function for this question.

ME Bank

Details about BI Reporting done?

1 Answers

Very Well


What Type of Chart you Used for Rep resenting market trends data .

1 Answers

Explain Various Chart and their use


Describe a difficult time you had with a co-worker/boss and how you resolved it.

1 Answers

I described a time how a boss asked me to do something unethical and how we had to discuss a better option. Less

Freedom Mobile

No question was difficult, but yes, contemplate before you answer

1 Answers

think deep before answering.

Duke Clinical Research Institute

Typical Cognos Business Intelligence Administration questions. There were a few SQL questions such as what is an Inner and Outer Join.

1 Answers

Easily answered the questions considering I have been an administrator for many years. Less

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