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Senior Business Systems Analyst Interview Questions


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How will you manage running an NTPC plant, partially shut down owing to an accident/labor strike?

Basic business analysis and behaviourial questions

Equivalent circuits(resistor, capacitor,inductor)

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Q: What all analytical tools have you used? Q: What problems have you worked on / solved using analytics?

Panel had a lack of interest & no sign were their that they were actually interested in discussion. Specially one guy named "SHASHANK PANT" was so aggressive & had discussion for 10 minutes & said he has a meeting . In 10 minutes conversation, he called his Friends twice saying he will be late for meeting & had no idea regarding my candidature. He didn't allow me to speak & asked me if I have actually worked?? Please get your own facts clear Mr. & please read difference between FRD & BRD & Use Case. Employees like him are shame to organisation.

How do i manage problems where Risk is involved.

how will you divide a loaf of beard in 3 equal parts

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