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Pharm-Olam International
Senior Clinical Research Associate was asked...24 October 2012

Describe a mistake you made at work, how you handled it, and what you learned from it.

2 Answers

Trained myself and corrected the problem.

Come up with your own but ahead of time. It's hard to think of a good one on the spot. Less

Image Core Lab

about my clinical background and technical experience

1 Answers

watever i did i explain.


Tell me one thing that your manager would like you to work on.

1 Answers

Review your annual performance evaluation!


What is one change you were responsible for in your previous role?

1 Answers

Quality-based system (confidential)


what is your current position and tell me your responsibilities? what kind of project are you responsible for?

1 Answers

tell them all details

MKR Clinical Research Consultants

Background and experience questions. What do you look for in a company

1 Answers

Work/Life balance


What does ALCOA mean?

1 Answers

Accurate, legible, contemporary,original, attributed


What are some essential components found on the 1572?

1 Answers

basically all the investigators information (name, address, cv) and facilities involve in the trial (name of site, address, laboratory name & address), project title, sponsor's name.. Less


Do you have experience with EMR?

1 Answers

Yes we have sites with EMR.


What makes me qualified for this position and why?

1 Answers

Be honest and use more than facts to answer, this job is a lot of networking and building professional relationships and those who perform this job must be good at connecting to people in various situations. Less

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