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Bank of America
Senior Collector I was asked...21 May 2014

are you going to be comfortable driving to fort worth every day

1 Answers



What plans do you have in mind should you get this job?

1 Answers

To try to prove myself and work up to an analyst position.


How do you handle a difficult debtor on the phone?

1 Answers

Bla, bla, bla. Ok. Hired!

Urban Lending Solutions

How do you turn a bad situation to good one..

1 Answers

I kept a customer out of a foreclosure sale date.

Credit Acceptance

They asked for strengths and weaknesses;If you ever did something on the job you regreted; examples of how you manage you time; team enviornment examples:

1 Answers

There interview model is based on SAR which is Situation, Actions and results; make sure all of your answer to there questions completes this model Less

Windham Professionals

how long did you work at your old employers? what type of collections did you do? when can you start our training class?

1 Answers

11 years Credit card I need to think about it and I need to weigh my options.


describe a time when you have a difficult time with a customer.

1 Answers

try to talk about collections, how you got a payment in a very specific and serious way and how you managed to educate the customer. Less

Express Freight Finance

Do you know what our company does?

1 Answers

I told them that I knew it was a collection job that i was applying for, and I told them that I did look them up online and checked out their website, but I was honest and didn't know exactly what the company did. Less

Bank of America

How would you handle a crying customer if you told them their house was in foreclosure?

1 Answers

I advised that I would say I apologize your going through this situation, I want to help guide you through what to expect and your options. Less

Bank of America

What is your favorite football team?

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