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World Economic Forum
Senior Community Manager was asked...21 May 2014

Questions about on going events at parts of the world.Most questions are about past experiences/situations with relevant to the position

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Could you also share examples of questions asked about world events / situational question? Less

Senior community manager

Could you specify for which position?

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Do you feel comfortable starting a new market in the Raleigh area.

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Silver Tree Residential

There was a question about if you were out to eat with the owner and your steak wasnt cooked right would you send it back

1 Answers

Send it back, they want you to say you would send it back, but if you get hired you will regret it. The money is good but they are a whole other level of leadership, and not in a good way. Less

Lone Star Association Management

Are you sure you want to come back?

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World Economic Forum

How do you fit in. Professional experience What can you add to the Forum

1 Answers

I rejected the offer because they took too long and I couldn't arrange my personal stuff, additionally salary is not negotiable and that considering prices is Switzerland is not good at all. Less


What reason would you give me why you would not accept this job?

1 Answers

I answered that if there was an emergency in my family, that my family would always come first vs a company. Less

Kolibri Games

Why did you decide to apply for the job?

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After almost 4 years as CM in my current company, I decided to embrace new challenges related to Community Management. On top of that, my past experiences will be very beneficial in increasing interest from target audience towards our game and keep your current users keep playing the game. Less

Kolibri Games

Are you familiar with our company and its history?

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I only heard about the company but, before applying, I made sure to know the company's history and what makes it unique and understand its vision. Moreover I made sure to be very familiar with the games from the company and know the approach towards the players/users. Less


Tell me about a time you had to deal with a crises

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I spoke directly to my experience dealing with a crises in my last role following the STAR method. Less


Background on my tech/programming experience.

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With difficulty, as this was not on the job spec for the role.

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