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Measures and Dimension in Tableau ? Sql ? Last one do you have any question ?

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What other questions you was asked during the that discussion? nothing related to CNN , RNN, ML, Regression and classification?

Nothing about ML, RNN, CNN, I think she dnt know more about Data science. She told we are hiring who have experienced in data science. Without asking any question she were hiring for Sr Data Scientist. Nice company.


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They asked me to share python code samples I have written to see my python knowledge.

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Asked about the projects I have worked on along with the underlying concepts.

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Second round questions are: what according to you is data science? -- Answer will be always subjective, Can't we do non-linearity model using logistic regression? Even if you transform variable and use it in model -- statisticians refer the transformed variable as feature and logit is linear to feature.

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Questions on statistics and maths

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What is the thing they can improve in Swiggy?

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What is pruning?

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what is the difference in random forest and gradient boosting

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Tell me about yourself

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