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Probability of a knight making a valid move on NxN matrix in m steps.

4 Answers

Given in the description above.

Guess what , I got almost the same question on my first interview with Google , and I was applying as a new college grad ....i also can up with a DP solution with O(64m) .... btw can you provide the link to the solution you came across ...??

@mohan: I don't have a link to solution, its something I worked out on a piece of paper.

HashMap - how will it store objects where hashcode is same? How will it retrieve them?

2 Answers

Manager Round was really good and deep in the domain.

2 Answers

There is a Class A, which has some instance variables. One thread needs to do read and write on that variable, while another thread should not be able to access it at all. Asked me to design such a class.

2 Answers

Lot of questions on the datastructure might be easier to remember all those stuff right out of college but after 9 years of expereince its very difficult

2 Answers

Abou My Projects ?

1 Answer

I realized that the technical interview with the panelists in Pune office is quiet tuff to crack. They will ask you real tuff questions based on your experience and will dig deeper every time you answer their questions correctly.

1 Answer

How to get the data from more than 3 table without use join ?

2 Answers

Hash Map - Deep dive

1 Answer
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