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who discovered system crashes

2 Answers

no idea

High probability is that, its a developer!! Because developer is the FIRST user of a product... Only then it reaches, QA/ProductManagement/EndUser.

1. Design Twitter : 1. Login 2. Time line 3. Post Next round, they show me production code running in eclipse ( who uses eclipse ? ) about some service, and I was asked to find issues in it. Last round, the very stupid question answer round.

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what is mobile computting

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Based on my project

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Q. What does the role fits you? Q. How do you manage conflict? Q. What will be your process of implementing any new process and organizational direction? Q. How will you transit a different skill resource into a newer one? Q. How will you keep the motivation? Q. How will manage security in your product? Q. What are the parameters to be considered for the security? Q. What is the best way to improve security mechanism from business analyst perspective? Q. Why do consider a com component as service to communicate between products. Q. What are the data-structure and design patterns do you used?

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Walk me through your profile?

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Do you mind to manage, barely 15 engineers instead of 50+ engineers?

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How passionate are you about selling

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