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How your reset vector will be called?

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Answer from panel is bootrom code. I accept this I don’t know but he was asking what and all will be taken care by boot rom. We will not be having access to this bootrom code as it is vendor specific. He is asking the internals of bootrom code. He might be prepared for that and gathered some information to show that as a tough question. One more important point understood from this particular discussion is Panel doesn’t know Startupcode significance. There were listening to my explaination as if they are new.

He asked me about FTL.

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He asked a puzzle that you have 500 switches and all are OFF. Now someone came and make all of them ON. Now a second person came and flip all the second switch and then 3rd came and flip all the 3rd switch and so on till 500. So tell me how many switch will be on after completing the entire process.

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Firmware and embedded systems. general questions on Software trends and some technical on the previous job

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They asked for DLMS protocol, rest I don't exactly remember

1.What is the purpose of __int and __exit macro? 2. What is major number and minor number? 3. What is Reentrant kernel and Reentrant function? 4. What is process and thread? 5. What is critical section? 6. What is race condition? 7. What are the different synchronization techniques?

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