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World Food Programme
Senior ICT Developer was asked...8 July 2012

What is your weakest point?

1 Answers

Very Detailed sometime and it may affect the overall vision of given problem or to make decision Less

Pima County (Arizona)

Basic concepts and terms, like PL/SQL

1 Answers

Did they give you a chance to ask them questions?

United Airlines

General experience questions.

1 Answers

With confidence.

GWF MessSysteme

Gave me a multiple day coding Epic I had to code. A bit too long for a test. Not all candidates can afford to invest so many hours.

1 Answers

I just wrote the code for it.

Dell Technologies

Why I want to work for dell?

1 Answers

Of cause, Dell is a large high-end technology, got my attention is work life balance working culture. However, let my want to work in dell. I know 3 of staff of dell. I so impressed of they are willing to help other be succeed. It let me feel dell is a loving and giving working environment. Less

United Airlines

About Project details.

1 Answers

Explained how the project helps the client and what was my role.

Tulip Retail

What are your thoughts and ideas about the following [sample document/publication/fragment from information system/etc.]?

1 Answers

What would you and how would you proceed when asked to take on a [specific task/assignment/project]? Less


Write a function that evaluates who has won a tic tac toe game. Requirement verbally stated, not written down. Solution had to be written down on a whiteboard.

1 Answers

I first wrote an algorithm to define the solution and then pseudo coded the solution. I assumed the function would be called each turn and the X or O taking the turn would be sent as a parameter along with the state of the board, but the interviewer informed me later that it actually would be called after the game was over and either player could win. I believe I had a good solution and the problem was poorly defined. I did not say this though. I also used a for loop to look through the rows and columns but was informed by the interviewer that loops are too slow and that repeating the if states 8 times was faster and I should have done that. I guess maintenance is less important that millionth of a second in speed? Quite a weird interview experience really. Almost felt like a setup. Odd. Less


Most of the questions had similar difficulty level: I write one to illustrate -> Designing a server, serving the tiny URLs with constant assignment time constraint. All active tiny URLs must be kept alive, for a given lease period. A tiny URL that is accessed, will have its lease renewed. I tiny URL that is not accessed, will finally become available again once its lease expires. Whenever a new request come, a tiny URL must be assigned to it in O(1)..

1 Answers

I designed a system that met all of these constraints satisfactorily, i.e. the pool of all the available URLs was kept refreshed in constant time, i.e., a tiny URL, once its lease expires, will be added to the available URL pool, in lazy refresh manner, in O(1) amortized cost. An available tiny URL would be assigned to a new request in O(1).. Less

United Airlines

technical questions around angularjs, MVC,C#, WEBAPI, WCF, design pattern etc.

1 Answers

answered with real time examples. when i used it and why i used it. Be honest and if you already worked on those technologies then its no rocket science. Less

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