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Core Java questions & this person was also not aware about the immutability concept properly except what is given on internet. I had to teach him the immutability of class & object, else for this person both are same.

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I had exactly same experience on 20th. Interview went well and then not shortlisted. They are wasting candidate's time. It was 4th level video call where interviewer wasn't interested to show his face.

Many companies are doing the same either companies are just giving illusion to people that they are hiring or the incompetent interviewers are not selecting any worthy candidate for the safety of their own job. In short, all seems to be a kind of fraud going on in name of hiring.

I had the same experience. I was supposed to be interviewed by some Morgan Stanley person on 16th April 2020, then this Morgan Stanley person called me to reschedule the call. Then in evening, this person never showed his face in video conference & he also didn't seem to have proper technical understanding. I think his name was 'Dhaval' & I don't feel that he will select any person more capable.

Write a query to get the required data regarding employees.

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Java question was around String pattern searching which you can do easily in around 20 minutes, if you can keep your mind calm where that clock is also ticking.

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Input is a string like "AAAAABBCCAA" and it should print "5A2B2C2A". 5 being the continuous number of occurance for character 'A'. Same is with other characters also.

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Find two elements with given sum in BST- expected answer in O(n) time ans O(1) space complexity. Java OOPS Singleton, Synchronized and Puzzles

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Why did you leave past organisations? Asked by this HCL Manager.

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How hashmap works internally, how to find hash collission is occured.

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About the project structure

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mostly related to spring, 2 java programs and 2 database queries

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Can we have multiple inheritance in JAVA?

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