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Write a query to get the required data regarding employees.

4 Answers

You can use & modify below query - select e.ename, dep.loc from emp e, (select d.deptno, d.dname, d.loc from dept d, (select deptno dno, count(*) ct from emp group by deptno order by deptno desc) dn where rownum = 1 and dn.dno = d.deptno) dep where e.deptno = dep.deptno order by e.ename;

I think query will be like given below. Check or change a bit for your requirements. select EMP.ENAME, lc.LOCNAME from employee emp, company org, location lc where emp.cID = ORG.CID and org.locID = lc.locID and lc.locID in ( select place.locID from ( select loc.locID, count(*) ct from employee e, company c, location loc where e.cID = c.cID and c.locID = loc.locID group by loc.locID order by ct desc) place where rownum = 1); Enjoy :)

These people in ADP have been in such a comfort zone that they don't like to pick more capable people who can challenge their capability disturbing their comfort zone & rest who cares about the profits of the company till the time salary is getting credited in the account with less or no work. So continue to show-off & keep capable people away.

Java question was around String pattern searching which you can do easily in around 20 minutes, if you can keep your mind calm where that clock is also ticking.

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Core Java questions & this person was also not aware about the immutability concept properly except what is given on internet. I had to teach him the immutability of class & object, else for this person both are same.

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Input is a string like "AAAAABBCCAA" and it should print "5A2B2C2A". 5 being the continuous number of occurance for character 'A'. Same is with other characters also.

3 Answers

Why did you leave past organisations? Asked by this HCL Manager.

2 Answers

About the project structure

2 Answers

mostly related to spring, 2 java programs and 2 database queries

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Can we have multiple inheritance in JAVA?

2 Answers

print a pattern based on the input i.e n=4 then output is like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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1) Hackerearth online test. -> 3 MCQs on java, 2 problem solving 2) Telephonic round 1- > Very basic java question like, when linkedlist, when to use arraylist, immutable class, singleton class, executor framework etc. Just theoretical question. Seems any fresher was taking interview. I had to ask if he has my profile and knows for which position the interview is being taken in between the interview. I have to call HR as the interviewer didn't call me on scheduled time. Was late by 30 minutes and got call after multiple HR chase-up 3) Telephonic round 2->I declined to give as didn't get a call from panel during scheduled one hour time. Before interview HR told similar questions will be there as round 1. I asked her why so simple/basic questions for 8 year exp person, she told its good thing as you can clear easily.

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