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Tell me about yourself. What is pricing analysis. How you used it in your profile. Tell me your sales pitch.

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Dear Candidate, If this is really happened then we apologies for what you have gone thru but to make sure this shouldn't be repeated can you help us to understand interviewer name and also your name to make correction for future reference. Thanks, Fynd HR Team

Hi Sarika, I was been interviewed by Sneha Gambhir.

What will you be able to give Magnon group and vice versa?

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a. how do you handle problems. b. what is your negotiation approach? c. how do you handle customers? d. why do you think you would be successful with company? e. Prove your stability with the company?

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Survival instinct in a tough situation and tackling the angry and leaving clients and how to retain them from the business point of view of the company

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All experience details & hobby , Product knowledge, Industry knowledge , Revenue details , Achievements details etc,

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Tell us about your role in your previous job? You think you will be able to do a hard core sales role (a my earlier role was not in sales) ? Salary expectation.

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