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All questions were related to my domain and experience, so had no issue answering them.

Basic c and Linux concept and data structure.. pointers string bitwise operation etc

1. java code for fibonacci series 2. java code for reversing string "abcd" 3. How to handle multiple windows using selenium 4. how to calculate xpath and css of an element. 5. difference between soap and rest web services. 6. which is better, soap or rest. 7. some questions on testNg annotations. 8. if there are 2 linux servers, you are logged in to one server. how will you check that the other server is up or not. 9. linux command to check ram and memories. 10. some puzzles 11. how will you check whether a tool tip is getting displayed or not using selenium webdriver. 12. there are 2 lists, how will you check if there is any duplicates present in the lists. 13. Difference between sleep() and setSpeed() method. 14. linux command to check if any process is running in linux or not.

Write a program to maintain a soda-machine. Right from penny insertion until purchase log including menu options.

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The questions were mainly revolving around Usage of Workflows, Triggers and best practices. Apart from that I was create Minesweeper game using HTML, JQuery and was allowed to use Google.

Questions on basic pl sql and sql knowledge were asked. Some questions related to tuning and DB architecture.