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Data structures and algorithm based questions

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no specific Question as such directly. But mostly based on C since it was college.

Design iPod shuffle, code the algorithm to shuffle songs in different albums, whereas the albums should always be in sorted order. Design and code. Every shuffle function call should generate a different sequence of songs than previous. Write test cases.

Design book my show. DB schema, class diagram. How to manage concurrent requests.

What's encapsulation? Write a function to sort an array in a way to create a zig zag graph if possible. The array can have negative and duplicates but is of type integer. Write test cases.

C questions- focused mainly on bit manipulation, memory allocation, strings, functions Networking - more on L4-L7 and load balancing some general questions on trees and graphs

First four rounds had project experience and coding questions were related to BFS, String, Trees and OOPS. Onsite interviews included High Level Design and Low Level Design Questions.

Interview Questions were based on APEX, VF and Salesforce architectural basics. Additionally I was from Java background so had a couple of questions from Java as well. I had to write some code as well. Adding to this you may expect multiple scenario based questions which includes designing.

Sample code with inner and outer class and expected output