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Senior Member of Technical Staff Interview Questions


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Sample code with inner and outer class and expected output

Interview Process took 4 weeks time. First round telephonic – around 45 min - Related to Test Strategy, Test Case writing, Could computing concepts and SAAS platform questions. - Few puzzles, Python Basic questions. - Mostly they look at your problem solving skills and confidence levels. Second Round after a week time at one of the Oracle Campus at Bangalore: 1 and half hour - In depth questions about test plan, test case design and Verification and validation. - In depth about Testing Process, Agile Mythologies, V Model. - More puzzles and problem solving questions. - They will look at candidate unique qualities in terms of technology and management skills. Third Round on the same day with Senior Engineer. (1 hr) - How you are going to see your product, explain in 2 min. - Writing test cases for lift (3 lifts operates on same switch) – something different and unique test cases (Not Regular) - Puzzles (around 3-4) and Problems related to project (around 10 questions) How to handle them. - Why you want to join Oracle even you are great at your current employer. Fourth and Final Round (After again a week time gap) – Manager Round. ( 2 hrs) - First he will look at your attitude and your way of communication. - He will look at how soon you are going to fit into product cycle. - Explain overall architecture about your product (15-20 min) - He will ask mostly technical with manager skills related questions - Why should I hire you, what difference you can bring into team - What’s you best qualities as a individual. - Most questions will turn around your project and your skill set but we should be ready to give answer for everything.

Write the function for level order traversal in a tree? Write test cases.

Design and code a command line processor. the directory structure should be in cache and commands like mkdir, CD, ls, ls -R, touch, etc should work. The program should exit when input is "quit". Write test cases.

Operating system internal questions were difficult.

In the designing round I was asked to design object model for vehicle parking and in the technical round they concentrated on Apex coding skills.

General questions related to operating systems,programming,design etc. Face to face will be like picnic. People will come to take interview unprepared and throw abrupt questions. Questions will not be tough though but repeated questions and you will 'understand' that interviewer is not prepared for the interview

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Asked about how I do I behave / respond when I have a problem struggling to solve since couple of days and there is no-one around to help.