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String algo, collection implementation, data structure - tree based question

One storage node has a set of text files. Each file is huge 1+GB in size. A query file is provided having a list of words. Program has to parse through the text files and compute frequency of words found from the query file.

1)About project 2)Detemine loop in linked list. ans:pointer method and using maps along with time complexity. how map.insert() work? time complexity of this. Spent lots of time discussing time complexity for different scenarios. 3)which data structure can be used to implement notepad, time complexity, space complexity for basic operation like update, delete etc 4)which data structure can be used to implement telephone directory, again time complexity, space complexity for basic operation 5)different segment of C program: data, code, stack , heap 6)where will the local variables be stored, from where malloc will get memory 7) there are N prisoner standing in line, police officer will shoot every K'th person in circular manner. K < N. I have to stand in a place such that I should be the last person to die. Example : 3 prisoner. K is 2. He will shoot 2 person. Then he will start the count from 3 rd person, circle back and shoot 1 st person. Every second person will be shot. Ans for this is , I should stand in 3 rd place. 8)Some algo was given were file allocation is done and some common space will be allocated for the file. For crash situation algo was not working fine. I had fix the algo. 9)what does it mean when we say hardware is 64 bit. And what does it mean when we say OS is 64 bit. What is difference. Second round ============ 1)Lots of questions on my project. Since I am a database internal developer, lots of questions on DB server architecture and this guy screwed me left and right. 2)There are many points in 2 dimensional graph. Each Point P(i) is represented using x(i) and y(i). Out of many points find two points such that distance between then is minimum. I solved it with time complexity n square. But he wanted to optimize it. 3)Given an array find number of inversions in it. for any i and j where iA[j] then it is one inversion. solved it with n square then solved again with nlogn (quick sort). 4)Given a balanced binary tree. Find two nodes whose heights are same and has different parents. had to write the code for this. Manger round ========== General project discussion and compensation discussion.

Given a tree with each node value corresponding to the number of leaf nodes under it. A node pointer is given. We are to delete the subtree of which the given pointer is a root and update all values from its parent nodes.

Implements IPhone Software Design. Core Java collection frameworks.