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Senior member of technical staff Interview Questions


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Asked about how I do I behave / respond when I have a problem struggling to solve since couple of days and there is no-one around to help.

For me technical questions related to db was difficult and also in projects where you worked they will ask why not other technology instead of the one which you had used.

Implement your own garbage collector, which was quite stupid question. The requirements for garbage collector itself were not cleared enough. I think interviewer had no idea what special he wanted in customized garbage collection. I took year for java /sun guys to write garbage collector and he wanted me to write it in 15 minutes.

all basic questions . Because they also dont know lol

Design iPod shuffle, code the algorithm to shuffle songs in different albums, whereas the albums should always be in sorted order. Design and code. Every shuffle function call should generate a different sequence of songs than previous. Write test cases.

What's encapsulation? Write a function to sort an array in a way to create a zig zag graph if possible. The array can have negative and duplicates but is of type integer. Write test cases.